Protein Production

Odoo • Image and Text

Automatic protein translation and annotation

Coding sequence automatically derived from you expression vector.

Biomatix can be used as Compound Registration system. New proteins are compared to existing ones to ensure unicity and a new Compound Number is attributed..

Consolidation of your protein production data

Specify your expression system: bacterial, mammalian cell lines, yeast, hybridoma or recombinant hosts.

Indicate  expression results ( amount of protein produced, volume, etc).

Enter purification steps, buffer used, final concentration of protein batches, tag cleavage. 

 Share data within a group of scientists through a single database: Biomatix.

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Creation of an expression batch using mammalian cells as a host for expression.
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Illustration of a certificate of analysis.

Analytics and quality control

Report yields, purity, stability.

Generate certificates of analysis containing the information chosen for each of the protein expressed.