Biomatix Philosophy  

User Centricity

Tomorrow's researchers in Life Sciences deserve outstanding IT systems to assist them in their daily work. Biomatix has been conceived to be user-friendly and to free the scientists from all the tasks that can be automated by a computer. Online help messages are available to avoid users being uncomfortable with entering or processing their data.


Reliability is extremely important in our eyes and Biomatix has been extensively tested so that our customers do not encounter problems with access or loss of their data. The heart of Biomatix is a powerful ORM using a postgreSQL database, which has been proven very reliable through its extensive use by millions of users in several contexts. Database backup takes place daily.


Biomatix database is the mirror of your work-flow and Life Science research evolves rapidly. Whenever you need to grow your research into a new field, Biomatix can adapt and move with you. We are using an Agile development process, so that the software evolves incrementally, fast and smoothly.

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