Biomatix Philosophy in 7 words

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Researchers in biosciences deserve good IT systems to assist them in their daily work. Biomatix has been conceived to be user-friendly and free the scientists from all the tasks that can be automated by a computer.


Biomatix is a database-interfaced software but at the same time it incorporates features that are usually found in specialized softwares. Sophisticated algorithms have been developed whenever needed, such as the alignment procedures that are used for DNA sequence analysis. Reaching the highest level of performance is our constant goal. 


Reliability is extremely important in our eyes and Biomatix has been extensively tested so that our customers do not encounter problems with access to their data or are blocked with a process they can’t complete. The heart of Biomatix a powerful ORM using a postgreSQL database, which has been proven very reliable through its extensive use by millions of users in several contexts.


Biomatix is available under conditions that preserve your freedom to use the software as long as you need it. We would like to build a trust relationship with our community of users and customers. 


Biomatix database is the mirror of your business and we are in a world where business evolves rapidly. Whenever you need to grow your research into a new field, Biomatix can adapt and move with you. We are using an Agile development process, so that the software evolves incrementally, fast and smoothly.


Biomatix is composed of a core system which is common to all the users and represents the majority of the code. Nevertheless, with small additional modules, the system can meet perfectly the needs and specificities of each customer. Your Biomatix really mirrors your unique business workflow.


It is part of our philosophy that customers should not pay a license that brings no benefit. With our maintenance platform, you pay a regular contribution to ensure user support, technical support, system updates and priority access to our resources for development of new features. For these reasons, it is by far the most cost-effective solution in its category of softwares, without having anything to envy to much more costly solutions.