In-silico cloning

Choose your preferred enzymes

Choose the enzymes you want to indicate on the plasmid map or DNA sequence.

Create a preferred sets of enzymes which can be used for several plasmids.

Location(s) of the cutting enzymes is indicated.

All the restriction enzymes are listed and sorted by their number of cutting sites.


Odoo • Text and Image

Circular visualization of plasmid DNA. Here are noticed the features and the chosen restriction sites.
Odoo • Image and Text


Visualize cloning process and avoid errors

Cloning processes can be simulated to avoid errors.

Available options : classical restriction cloning, infusion cloning, yeast recombination, golden gate cloning.

 Automatic creation of the new plasmid molecule.

Keep history of your constructs

Cloning process remains linked to resulting plasmid, inserts, and backbone vector.

Inserts may come from plasmid restriction, DNA synthesis, or PCR amplification.