Design your plasmids

DNA sequence visualization

Circular and linear visualization of DNA sequence

Customize view : preferred set of enzymes, features, primers for PCR and sequencing, ORFs

Adapt origin, edit sequence (deletions, additions, substitutions) without errors.


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Circular visualization of plasmid DNA. Only features are shown on this view. ORFs, restriction sites and primers can also be added.

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Linear visualization of DNA sequence. 
Restrictions enzymes are colored in red on DNA sequence.
Primers and features are indicated above and below DNA sequence, respectively.
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Modification of DNA sequence without errors. The sequence atacaaat is removed and replaced by a stop codon taa.
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List of usual and specific sequences used for plasmid annotation.

Automatic annotations

Usual components are automatically recognized as plasmid features.

Specific sequences can be also recognized.


Link plasmids to project

Each plasmid molecule is related to several other database items, such as a project, a user who created it and more.

In particular, plasmid molecule keeps their link to all derived products, such as plasmid preps, glycerol stocks, cells, proteins, aliquots, etc.

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