Analyze sequencing data

Find the right primers for sequencing

Gather all your primers in the same tab and automatically find information such as melting temperature, GC content, length, molecular weight, and more.

Find in one click if you already have adequate primers in your lab.

Biomatix helps you in the design of additional primers.



Odoo • Text and Image

Delimit the segment you want to verify by entering its location on a plasmid then click on 'Make sequencing primers'. A list of primers are suggested. Several primers will be suggested if the sequence to analyse is longer than 500 pb.
Odoo • Image and Text


Visualize chromatogram and correct mutations

Compare sequencing results to theoretical plasmid.

Easy identification of mutations.

Easy manual corrections. 

Automatic filling of "status of analysis', depending on sequencing results (invalidated, partial, validated)

Overview of plasmid sequencing results

Easy identification of mutations.